Friday, 3 December 2010

The Toppermost of the Poppermost

People always moan when a magazine or website runs some witless, space-filling, cheap attention-grabbing Best Ever Beatles Songs poll. But not me! I like witless, space-filling, cheap attention-grabbing Best Ever Beatles Songs polls and I’m going to do one of my own. Post your top five in the comments section down there. I’ll start the ball rolling:

1) Eleanor Rigby
2) Tomorrow Never Knows
3) Strawberry Fields Forever
4) Paperback Writer
5) Long, Long, Long

Results will be posted as soon as I can be bothered to collate them. Depends how many people vote, really. I reserve the right to discount stupid/"comedy" votes as I see fit.


  1. I'm guessing 'side 2 of Abbey Road' won't be allowed, so:

    1) Across the Universe;
    2) Hey Bulldog;
    3) You've Got to Hide Your Love Away;
    4) Eleanor Rigby;
    5) A Day in the Life.


  2. This top five will have changed by the time I've finished typing it;

    1) She's Leaving Home
    2) Tomorrow Never Knows
    3) Eleanor Rigby
    4) It Won't Be Long
    5) What You're Doing

  3. 1)Tomorrow Never Knows
    2)You Won't See Me
    3)In My Life
    5)Here, There and Everywhere.

  4. 1.Ticket to Ride
    2.I am the Walrus
    3.And Your Bird can Sing
    4.A Day in the Life
    5.You're going to Lose That Girl

  5. 1. It's All Too Much
    2. Tomorrow Never Knows
    3. Across The Universe
    4. Mother Nature's Son
    5. Hey Bulldog

    for now.

  6. Today...

    1) Here, There & Everywhere
    2) For No-One
    3) Stawberry Fields Forever
    4) When I Get Home
    5) In My Life

  7. I now can't believe I left off Paperback Writer.

  8. Nobody's said 'Rain'! So I'm going to say 'Rain'. And - off the top of my head - 'Day in the Life', 'Strawberry Fields', 'Tomorrow Never Knows'. Blimey, they're all John songs. So let me add 'Eleanor Rigby'.

  9. Paperback Writer
    In My Life
    You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
    Ticket to Ride
    Here Comes the Sun

    Yes, that's six, but Daragh is right - Rain is brilliant. I really think ten would be easier to pick.

    I'd say Dear Prudence but I prefer the Siouxsie Sioux version.

  10. Tomorrow Never Knows
    A Day in the Life
    Strawberry Fields Forever
    A Hard Day's Night

  11. Any Time At All
    We Can Work It Out
    In My Life
    Hold Me Tight

  12. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
    Here Comes the Sun
    I'm Only Sleeping
    If I Fell
    Only A Northern Song

  13. Hrm... in terms of my FAVORITES, rather than 'the best'...

    1) For No One
    2) You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
    3) The Abbey Road Medley (I can count that, right?)
    4) In My Life
    5) If I Fell

  14. Um...
    1. Here Comes The Sun
    2. We Can Work It Out
    3. Rain
    4. Eight Days A Week
    5. And Your Bird Can Sing

    Wait, I've changed my mi-

  15. *pulls duvet over head and weeps*

    1) Hey Jude
    2) Blackbird
    3) Help!
    4) Strawberry Fields Forever
    5) Back In The USSR

  16. 1. Hey Jude
    2. All My Loving
    3. The Long and Winding Road
    4. In My Life
    5. Strawberry Fields Forever